Interview Questions Meant To Trick You

Going into an interview is meant to help the hiring company get to know the job seeker.  Unfortunately, there can be a lack of trust because people lie.  Recruiters and hiring managers have many different tricks to try and get to know you the best way possible.  In all reality, it’s their way to test your personality to make sure you’re the right fit.  Here is our list of the top questions used to get you out of your comfort zone.

  1. What do you know about this company? – This is a great way for a interviewer to get a gauge on how serious you are taking the interview.  If a job seeker just shows up with no idea on what they are interviewing for, they probably aren’t that serious.  Whereas if you interview someone how has read all the recent blog posts, followed the newest social media messages and knows what’s going on, they are very interested.  It shows they know how to be pro-active and take initiative.
  2. Why should we hire you? – Self confidence is important.  They want to see if you listened to the job description and know how to talk about yourself.  If the position is for customer service and you don’t mention anything about great communicator, love helping people, always happy… you might not be answering this correctly.
  3. Tell me about yourself. – Here’s a hint… the interviewer does NOT want your life story.  This stage of the interview always shows unprepared job seekers from the good ones.  The best way to answer this is with a few specifics of events or moments that have prepared you for the position.  Don’t talk too much.  There is a balance as well so you don’t say too little.  As long as you cover: work experience, life achievements, education, and career goals, then you’ll be fine.
  4. Why are you leaving your current job? – This is always a test to see how you speak about people behind their back.  NEVER criticize former or current employers.  If you are talking this way about them, there is a good chance you’re a negative person and going to get caught criticizing fellow co-workers or managers.  The answer varies according to situation, but some of the best reasons are commutation difficulties, greater learning opportunity, and better match of job time schedule with your commitments at home. You have to turn your statements from answering ‘why you are leaving your present job’ to ‘why the present job opportunity is better than what you already have.’

The final thought on making your interview great, comes down to manners.  Be sure to focus on the little things such as: dress for success, show up on-time, have copies of your resume, be honest, polite and have POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

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