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With our focus on helping local job seekers find better local jobs, we decided to re-design with a bigger emphasis on quality employers.  After a lot of strategic planning, we are excited to announce and show you the new
After studying job search trends we have seen the emphasis job seekers have made to look deeper inside the companies they want to apply with.  Company culture has been a priority for applicants.  After interviewing many individuals looking for work, here are some comments we have received that gave us some great insight into our new design:
“…I don’t find myself applying with a job, I’m applying with a company for a job.  My first focus is the company.”
“I’ve been laid off 3 times in 3 years because of down sizing.  It’s time for me to find a company that’s growing.”
“I’m willing to make 15-20% less, just to make sure I work in an environment I feel appreciated.”

We heard you… and we agree!!  Our new design has a large focus on helping you get to know the company.  With the very simple and ease of use, our goal is to have every employer give you some insight into their company before you apply.  The Company Overview pages will allow companies to upload photos of their work environment, embed YouTube videos showing off their company culture.   Here are 2 great examples, Verengo Solar & GoDaddy

Here are 3 Key features for you to focus on with the new design layout:


Profile Picture

This is a great way to help the recruiter get to see who they are working with.  Great organizations like Career Connectors, offer support groups for job seekers.  One of the best perks is free professional pictures.  For those of you who are saying, “I just don’t want to have them see my picture.  I don’t have any good ones.” I would argue this is the best way to CONTROL your image.  Otherwise studies show most hiring managers will Google you, search your social media profiles, and look for you on Linkedin.  You may not be providing a profile picture, but after a few searches, they’ll have their own picture of who you are.  Help your profile start off on the right foot with a professional picture.


We now allow you to upload as many versions of your resume you want.  Many candidates will style their resume depending on the type of employer they want to work with.  If you have a sales background but want to cater towards some marketing positions, you may have one version catered to each employer depending on the job description.  Enjoy the flexibility of choosing which resume you want to send the employer when you click Apply Now on the job description page.

Company Culture Profiles-

Now more than ever gives you better insight into the company you’re applying to.  We have created a system which allows hiring managers to upload pictures, videos, unlimited content to help you as the job seeker get a better idea of who you’ll be working for.  It’s not just about a job, it’s about a work family.  You deserve to enjoy where and who you work for.  Use these profiles to better understand what jobs you apply to.


For additional features you’d like to see added to, be sure to email us at [email protected].  We love hearing your feedback!


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