3 Steps To Add a Little Holiday Cheer To Your Job Search


This article was written by Amanda Collins from The Grammar Doctors.
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If you’ve been looking for a job for a while, the holiday season may send you into a panic. It’s already a pretty stressful time for many, but when you don’t have guaranteed income, it can cause a bigger issue, especially if you have a family expecting neatly wrapped boxes under the tree or beside the menorah. But don’t despair – this holiday season may bring something perfect right to your doorstep. These steps should help transform anxiety into opportunities.

1. Look to the mall
It is the holiday season, and all of the stores are hiring. Sure, it may be only a temporary position, but customer service is always a bonus, and it’s better to have something on your resume than nothing—even if you’re shooting for the VP or CEO position.

2. Stuff your stocking
If you’ve been unemployed for a bit, your cash reserves may be on empty. Even a $10/hour job will add a little extra holiday cash to your bank account and alleviate the stress associated with overdue bills.

3. Keep the spirit
Often, December is when companies end their fiscal year, so they need to add people before the 31st. Jobs are plentiful, and you can check out www.LocalWork.com for a number of opportunities that might be just the thing you’ve been seeking.

No matter what, keep up your efforts during the holiday season. Stay active at networking events and on LinkedIn. Even a holiday party can be the perfect time to chat it up with others and make a connection. Who knows? You could just start 2013 in your dream job.



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