3 Ways To Leverage Social Media To Dominate Your Interview

socialmediaSo you’re prepping for your upcoming interview and want to make sure you nail it! Obviously your resume got you in the door, and they’re interested in you.  Now it is time to impress them during the interview.
Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager.  What do they want to see or hear to make that final decision?  Obviously they want to minimize risk, ensure you’re competent, have great work ethic, and fit the culture.  Social media can help you tremendously to ensure you cover all four of those areas.  Here are 3 tips to follow during your next interview preparation to follow:

1- Look for Dress Code signs

Knowing how to dress can make your feel more confident and fit in better.  It’s always awkward when you dress up in a full suit and tie, only to find out the office is a total flip flop environment.  Our advice is to always dress one degree nicer than the normal dress standard.  Great way to find out their normal dress standard is to jump on social media profiles Facebook and Instagram and see what pictures they might be posting of their office place.  Look for signs of style and meeting attire.

If you come across some pictures of a conference room meeting where everyone is dressed in jeans and some polo shirts, follow the 1 step up rule.  I’d imagine a good fit for this example is some slacks and a button down shirt, no tie.  Ladies, keep the jewelry to a minimum in this example.  You want them to be focused on your answers and personality, not anything else.  Minimize distractions.

2- Follow company’s twitter account

Having  a list of 5-8 questions when you walk into your interview can show the interviewer you are prepared and want the job.  Most importantly, it gives you clarity about the company.
leveraging twitter during interviewWhen following their twitter account, you’ll see some trends.  Figure out what’s most important to the company.  Find hashtags they are engaged in and dig deeper.  This will give you some great insight to talking points and a deeper conversation about the company during your interview.
In this example, we can see the company has pinned a tweet to the top of their profile.  This tells me it is very important to them and I should know as much as I can about this link they shared.

3- Linkedin: 2nd & 3rd degree connections

Leveraging professional social media platform, Linkedin can give you a big boost.  If you take the time to use some custom search filters, you can look for shared connections to the company.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 2.09.43 PMNotice the screen shot I took for the company, Nextiva.  If Mary was in the department where I was applying to, I would reach out to my connection we have in common and request an email recommendation.

If you find a 2nd degree connection with a hiring manager, this is a good chance to reach out to your first degree connection and request either a personal reference email or a public recommendation.  This can help validate you’re as good of quality as your resume showed, but also assure them the decision to hire you minimizes risk.

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