4 Things You Should Do Before You Next Interview

28 Jun 2012 by

So you are getting ready for that next job interview?  Here are a few things we suggest you do to get ready for the big moment.   A resume is focused on getting you the interview.  Your interview is your chance to get the job.  Take a look at our list and make sure you “Do” the following for your interview.

  • Resume Touch-Up: Take the time to get a polished version of your resume.  Most times employers will like you to bring a copy of your resume with you to your interview.  Show them your emphasis on quality.  Get your resume printed on some thicker card stock paper.  When you get to your interview and you give them a copy of your resume, don’t just pass it over like it is a piece of scrap paper.  You gently hand it over as if it is the most important document they have ever laid eyes on.
  • Fun Facts Sheet: Your interview is the time to show personality.  If the job didn’t require any personality, they wouldn’t need to interview you.  They would hire you based on calculated risk from your resume.  If you want to really show some fun personality, take a Fun Facts sheet with you.  During the interview, don’t be shy to share.  Be creative.  Show some of your passions and your love for area outside of work.  Who knows…your boss might also have a similar hobby (Did someone just say “brownie points”)
  • Thank You Letter: Get a Thank You letter ready to drop in the mail the day you complete your interview.  Be sure to address it to the individual who interviewed you.  This shows your sincerity and desire for the position as well as your professionalism in follow-through.  If something funny happened in the interview, be sure to mention it.  Give them something to remember you.
  • Notepad: When sitting down for an interview, it is not only your time to get drilled, but your time to ask questions.  If you really are a “A” player, you will be filtering out a few job offers.  Show that confidence.  Ask some thought provoking questions about the company and job position.  This is a great sign to the interviewer you really care and are interested.

Above all else during your interview, be sure to smile.  When you smile, it will lighten the environment and make the process that much better.  Good LUCK!!

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