Interview Questions To Be Prepared For

During our growth phase here at, we are in the process of interviewing many candidates.  We find there are a few questions we tend to lean on to help us give some insight in the type of person we’re meeting with.  To our surprise, candidates look shocked when we ask them to rate themselves in different areas.  Here is a list of interview questions we like to ask and why.

Rate Yourself on a Scale of 1-10 in The Following Areas:

WHEN I call your references, what will they tell me you need to improve on?

Now, the last thing an employer wants to hear are answers like this, “Over working myself.  I work too hard for my employer.” Now come on, we know this is a brown nose answer.   Show some sincerity and explain yourself something like this, “My previous employer put a high demand on [responsibility], Although I showed improvement over that past 6 months, I would have liked to master it more.”

At the end of the day, an employer interviewing can smell out the garbage answers.  Take the time to share examples (don’t tell stories) of growth and productivity.  Share moments how you have been an asset in the past, and give confident reasons why you’ll be an even bigger asset in the future.

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