How Much Time SHOULD I Spend On My Job Search?


Since you’ve been in the job hunt, have you heard that your full-time job is finding a job? I would bet money that you have. Well, I’m here to tell you that is only partially correct. While spending a sufficient amount of time on your job search is absolutely critical, you must make sure you’re spending your time effectively, doing the things that actually help you find a job thus ensuring that you’re getting adequate return on your investment of time and energy. How do you make sure you’re being effective with your time? Here are some thoughts:

Review Your Resources:

Who have you partnered up with to help you find a job? There are many, local career resources available that are specifically designed to make your job search more efficient. Career Connectors, is one of them. Check them out at and attend their weekly meetings that are designed to connect you with actively hiring, local employers. Also, check into your local Department of Economic Security as well and seek assistance through their many programs and employment offices.


This piece is critical. Make sure your resume is professional, clean and adequately reflects your accomplishments. Attend Career Connectors events to meet with professional resume writers who can help you get this all-important document up to date with the standards employers require and expect.

Cover Letter:

If you think employers aren’t still asking for cover letters, well, they are. Having a well-written cover letter will set you apart, because so many people don’t take the time necessary to craft this document carefully. Again, there are local resources available to help you every step of the way.

Work Your Network:

If you haven’t told your family, friends and previous co-workers that you’re in the job hunt, start NOW by doing at least that. Then, look outside your closest circle of associates to other groups you can get yourself involved in. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is also up to date. Again, the local resources I’ve referred to can also help you in this arena.


So, how much time SHOULD you spend each day looking for work? That’s up to you. However, there is a direct correlation between those who spend six to eight hours a day in an effective job search and those who find work much more quickly than their peers. More time engaged in an effective job search equals less time that you’ll be unemployed; it worked for me.

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