Job Search via Social Media Networking

Job seekers know they need to stand out while trying to land their next job opportunity. But how do you get employers to notice you from the flood of other applicants? We have 3 great tips to help!

1) Your Connections Should Represent Your “Real” Network:

Use social sites such as Linkedin to connect with professionals and request recommendations from those you know and trust. Employers are going to search your online profile. Be sure to stay connected with those whom you look good around. No matter how the economy or your career is doing, it’s powerful to have a strong network to lean on.

2) While You’re Offline, Be Online:
When in search for a job, be open to requesting advice and assistance from those you know through social networks. Candidate referrals from your connections will have much higher chance of getting noticed and invited for an interview/meeting. In addition, using professional job boards like, you’re able to have a free public URL to use while promoting your resume and profile. These profiles are visible 24/7 and can be promoted by your contacts, even when you aren’t directly involved.

3) Join The Conversation: By taking the time to join groups in your industry, you’re showing your commitment and desire to be an expert in your field. Commenting and communicating in online group conversations will get you noticed (shetika). Sharing relevant information or an intriguing idea will help get you that extra exposure to your online profile.

None of these tips will have any impact unless you put in the time, daily/weekly. Finding a great career opportunity is not easy, but it is achievable. Every day the online job boards are changing, renewing and updating.
Keep up your search!

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