Sales Jobs, Why To Consider Them

Sales Jobs, Why To Consider Them

In a time when finding a job can be so frustrating, and even feel like a full time job, it is important to find success.  Many times, just getting that first base hit can give you the confidence and momentum again to find a career position.

Here are a couple reasons why we say “YES” to accepting a sales gig!


One of the greatest phenomenon of sports is momentum.  Have you ever seen NCAA’s March Madness when a smaller, lower ranked school pulls off a major upset?  It’s no doubt the adrenalin and momentum of the game played to the smaller school’s favor.  Having momentum is contagious.  Sometimes just getting a few slam dunks can boost your confidence into landing that bigger goal.

Referral Network

Sales can be a very hands on experience.  You are usually communicating with a lot of people face to face or over the phone.  When you land that “perfect sale” over and over again, you are building relationships with great customers.  You should keep a list of these contacts as personal references.  Don’t be shy about requesting a simple letter of recommendation.  It will not only help you with completing more sales, but it will give you some great referral pieces for your next interview.
Sales is obviously not for everyone, however, if you are great at communication and have the work ethic to get it done, there are plenty of job opportunities RIGHT NOW you can take advantage of.  See our listed sales jobs who are hiring right now in Phoenix.

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